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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


guess what i did today? i made sugar.

like, really good kinds of sweets. check this out.

we made chocolate-toffee-pretzel bark. it was unbelievably easy. we didn't even follow a recipe--just melted chocolate, spread it out on wax paper, and then sprinkled crushed pretzels and toffee we made over the top. i'm pretty sure you could use anything you want as a topping, too, so candy canes, twix bars....get the picture? ;)

and i just snuck a taste--it's SO. YUMMY.
everyone was laughing at me, because i would stir the chocolate, then sprint to get the camera to take a picture of it.

AND guess what else. i made fudge! oh yes i did.
it was ( if you can believe this) easier than the bark. i followed Nigella's fudge recipe, except i omitted the pistachios (none of us being big pistachio fans).
i learned a valuable lesson today, friends, and that is: condensed milk makes everything wonderful. don't you ever forget it.
that's how my day is going. how's yours? :)


le sorelle said...

Oh my gosh that looks like it was a great day to me! Everything looks and sounds SO delicious! I seriously want to make those.. :)


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WOW!... It looks so great!

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