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Saturday, June 16, 2012

dip-dyed summer

so, i realize i haven't posted to this blog in over....
oh gosh. how long has it been? a really, really long time. i feel terrible, like i just abandoned my poor blog and left it alone to a quiet misery. don't worry, i'm back again. i've missed blogging.
i have an interesting post today, due mostly to my summer fever (which is a real disease, google it). thanks to this fever that seizes your brain and makes you want to do wild, summery things (that you mostly find on tumblr because you're a lazy couch potato who has spent your summer sitting indoors so far) i have exciting news: yesterday, i dip-dyed my hair purple.
yep, folks, i did it. i used Splat hair dye, which was quite easy to use and really cheap, and today i'm doing a tutorial/review of how the ends of my hair ended up magenta.

1. after doing loads of research (and watching countless YouTube tutorials) i found out that almost any drugstore carries a line of hair dye called Splat. it's only ten dollars, comes in nice colors, and is super easy to use! so, in essence, the perfect dye for beginners.
i used the color shown above, Lusty Lavender, and it came out exactly the shade that i wanted it to. for those who want solid purple, however, it might not be perfect: mine is purple in certain light, but in artificial light it turns a definite shade of magenta.

2. then i dip-dyed my hair! i *strongly* recommend that you have someone help you do this, especially if you're only doing a part of your hair; i think it would have been easier if i dyed my whole head, to be honest. i had to have someone waiting with pieces of tinfoil to wrap around the strands as i did them, because i would have gotten purple dye all over everything if i had tried to wrap them myself. so, moral of story, get a friend to help you.

i don't have pictures of the process (i wish i had thought to take some, it was quite funny seeing as i had tinfoil wrapped around my entire head) but i do have pictures of the outcome!


so, yes. that's the long and detailed story of how my hair ended up with purple tips. when i showed my dad, he said "oh, you should have done your whole head." not exactly the reaction i expected to get from my dad, but hey. i'll take it.
i do think at some point in my life it would be amazingly cool to dye my entire head. maybe not purple, and maybe i'll cut some off so it's not so much hair, (to quote my mom, i have "a crapload of hair") but it would be fun. as of right now, however, i definitely like how this turned out :)


Alessia Morello said...

When I was 16 I made my hair totally pink...now only my color!


Alazne said...

I like the result!!!

lovely hair!