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Monday, December 10, 2012

etsy monday

it's not easy christmas shopping. and for people on a budget, it's even harder. you stretch out deals and search for cheaper alternatives to things you really wish you could buy them, as well as splurging on someone else and hoping they even like the gift. and we all know handmade christmas never works, however many times your mother tries to knit hats for everyone and only gets three done.
but this year, it might not be as hard as you think; i've realized recently that there are a lot of incredibly affordable gifts and stocking stuffers on etsy, all adorable and reasonably priced. besides, by purchasing them you're supporting tiny local businesses instead of commercial empires, which we all know is always a good thing.
so, here's a little list of my favorite (and affordable) christmas gifts for him & her.

1. fingerless gloves in a gorgeous color from ginaminda on etsy
2. an incredibly adorable cat clutch from leahgoren on etsy
3. (my favorite) a huge, chunky knit scarf from crafts2cherish (based in ireland!) on etsy
4. a pair of customized cuff links if your man is dapper like that from CelebrateToday on etsy
5. the one piece of clothing you'll get for him that he'll never wear but you'll laugh about later from DonkeyTees on etsy
6. and lastly, a really nice hat that might make him look even cuter than he already is from woolibear on etsy. (to be honest, it was really hard picking which one i wanted to put on here; i was completely in love with everything from the shop!)

maybe it's a bit haphazard but my aim was to give you a peek at all etsy has to offer. it's great, really, and the stuff is incredibly cute. so head over there, and get your shopping done all while supporting local businesses. it's a win-win.


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Tasnim Hassan said...

aww i really want the cat clutch! <3 so pretty ahah and agree, really hard to do on a budget so thanks for the inspo!