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Friday, May 17, 2013

subtle ways to avoid the world

i've been sick.
hella sick, you might say.
my room also has carpet, which means lying on the floor isn't nearly as uncomfortable as you'd think....i did a lot of art. lots of drawing. lots of roses drawn.
nothing has been happening, which is why my blog has been fairly dead lately. i'm coasting down off this winter, which was busy and tiring and happy and sad at the same time (which still baffles me) and trying to cope with my new spare time. i spend a lot of time playing video games. also, i think i've watched every tv show Netflix has to offer.
today was spent coughing, watching tv, and photoshopping these pictures; there's a subtle art in determining which dirt is on your photos and which dirt is just on your computer screen. i've spent more time than i'd like to admit trying to erase a speck of dust that turns out to be glued to my screen - not my image. first world problems all the way.


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