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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Post-Finale Stress

We've all been there. Your favorite tv show, the one you obsess over and dream about and compare to your mundane everyday life, has come to an end; and suddenly, without warning, you're not quite sure what to do with yourself. Actually, it's not entirely without warning, since you've been anticipating the end for a long time now (Tumblr also helps remind you of the impending doom on a fairly regular basis) but you still went ahead and watched that last one and cried your eyes out and then got embarrassed that you could be so attached to fictional characters and then sat up and realized "now what?"
The ending of your favorite show isn't the complete ending, thankfully; there's Tumblr and Pinterest and fan blogs and fanfiction (that frankly, sometimes, you're embarrassed about, even though you're not the one who wrote it, because the thought of the actors finding it and reading it brings tears of shame to your eyes) and you can still stalk the actors online and read up on their social lives and cry when they find girlfriends who are either a) not you, or b) not you either. But now, you have to face the real world again, after a year of sitting in your room in the darkness, crying and shaking and laughing and most likely acting like a permanent patient in a mental ward. You have to change out of those pajamas you've been wearing for weeks, shower, possibly brush your hair, and find your family to apologize for unnecessarily abandoning them. Pro tip: if they scream at the sight of your ghost-white, chalky face, don't hiss and run away. It will only contribute to the sneaking suspicion that you're totally crazy.
If you've been here, I'm sorry. I feel your pain. Some of you might just be part of a fandom that gets a new season this fall: if you are, just know that I hate you. With a passion. Fellow Sherlockians? Firstly, we missed an awesome opportunity to call ourselves "Holmies" which I think you should all be ashamed of; secondly, I'm right there with you, praying to god Moffat releases the third season this fall. If he doesn't, he's going to have a revolution on his hands - and we all know we're the craziest fandom, so that's not something he's going to want to deal with.
What tv show are you currently obsessed with?

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