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Saturday, January 2, 2016

natural babe

Beauty favorites for the month of December.

I have really, truly sensitive skin. The fun kind, if we're being honest, because it's always a game trying to figure out what made my skin all blotchy and red if I haven't, in my memory, switched anything in the past week. But since I figured this out, maybe two years ago, I've made the switch to mostly all-natural skincare - and it's made a huge difference. There are things in regular skincare that my skin can't handle: glycerin, phthalates, parabens, and most acids (salicylic, benzoyl, hyaluronic). Your skin is way more permeable than anyone thinks, and mine was just drinking in all these chemicals and then revolting because they were unnecessary and damaging.

So I made the switch to all-natural beauty products, and my skin has never been happier. Honestly. I can't believe I was stripping it of all its natural oils and layers for so many years instead of working with it. Today, this is all the natural products I loved and used and re-purchased in the month of December; a few I've actually been trying out for more than a month and just realized now that I love them and will probably keep using them forever.

Current favorites:

LaVanilla Natural Deodorant. I have been trying to make the switch over to natural deodorant after years of using regular, and I'm not going to lie, it's definitely a change. But considering how bad regular deodorant can be, I'm happy using this; plus, it smells delicious, and the company has so many different amazing scents.

FAB Ultra Repair Cream. I get really dry skin in the winter. Like, really dry. And this is the first cream I've found that absolutely and completely takes away that flaky winter skin we all get - and is super gentle to boot. Thank god for this stuff. It sinks in fast, feels super lightweight, but moisturizes like no other. Helps the occasional dry patches and eczema, too; also can be used on other parts of the body that need some extra attention.

Acure Sensitive Skin Cleanser. Super gentle, organic, and makes my skin feel baby-soft. This whole line is great; I also tried the lemon scrub and I adore it. Smells delicious.

Pacifica Mediterranean Fig Body Butter. Cannot stress enough how damn good this stuff smells. Woodsy and earthy and mossy, with the sweetness of the fig, it's perfect for winter. And it makes your skin so soft.

Urban Moonshine Original Digestive Bitters. So, not a skincare item, but I absolutely consider this a part of my skincare routine; healthy, glowing skin starts from inside, and this helps keep everything balanced and even. Beauty comes from the inside out. I have noticed a huge difference in my skin lately, using this. Plus, it's fun. I feel witchy. Herbal tonics before meals? Yes please.

If you have any organic/natural skincare products you use and love, let me know. Always looking to expand the bathroom shelf!

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